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SwanCon 36 was the 36th annual West Australian Science Fiction Convention and Fiftieth NatCon, held on April 21-25 2011.

Logo indicating that it is SwanCon 36 and Fifty NatCon
SwanCon 36 logo

The Convention


  • International GoH: Ellen Datlow, Justina Robson
  • Australian GoH: Sean Williams
  • FGoH: Sarah Xu
  • Additional Invited Guests: Glenda Larke, Jonathan Strahan, Juliet Marillier, Bevan McGuiness, Nicole Murphy


The venue this year was the Hyatt Regency Perth, 99 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, Western Australia. Room Rates were approximately $210, though there were other overflow and cheaper hotels nearby for attendees.


  • Convenor: Alisa Krasnostein
  • Treasurer: Jay Watson
  • Hotel Liaison and Special Events: Terri Sellen
  • Guest Liaison and Writers Stream Coordinator: Tehani Wessely
  • Communications: Amanda Rainey
  • Creative Consultants: Stefen Brazulaitis, Robin Pen


Door prices

  • Full: $250
  • Concession: $185
  • Day: $70 full, $50 concession.

(No charge for under 12s if accompanied by guardian)



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