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This article describes the Swancon website.


A new Swancon website is set up each year by the committee of the convention.

Webhosting details

Azure + letsencrypt extension

Setting up Grenadine Website (initial dump)

Last Years/Current Cons = 20yy

Next Years/Con buliding site = 20xx

Public Website Direct URL: https://sites.grenadine.co/sites/swancon/en/swancon20xx Public Website Swancon URL: https://20xx.swancon.com.au

PS: Please be careful not to change 20yy’s site when copying things. I know we/you will but it’s a live site and you have full access to it.

Setting up the Grenadine Event Planner (Additional info)

Notes are very rough, but hopefully provide enough info for [a moderately technical user] to pick it up as required.
As at 04/03/2018

Obtain access to manage the Grenadine event:

Brian to confirm who manages user access to Grenadine and access types
  • Editor access - to manage content (con info, additional pages, etc.)
  • Programmer access - to manage programming details

Basic image manipulation and editing:


Text formatting on Grenadine:

  • If your content has been drafted in MS Word or any other word processing software/app (e.g. Google Docs), ensure you copy and paste the content Notepad, then copy and paste from Notepad (i.e. Plain text) into the Grenadine text area. This is to preserve the default formatting programmed into Grenadine in accordance with the style guide.
  • If your content involves additional formatting (bold, italics, underlines, headings, etc.), table(s) and/or link(s), copy and paste plain text into the Grenadine text area, then put in the formatting again. Use the WYSIWYG editor to re-add the formatting, (again) to preserve the default formatting programmed into Grenadine in accordance with the style guide

Site Setup with basic con info:

  • Create a new con page, or copy from a previous year's:
    • https://swancon.grenadine.co/ > Click "+Add" to create a new con site from scratch, or highlight a row corresponding to a previous year's and click "Copy"
    • Set event to Private if not ready to be published and made visible by the public.
  • To obtain a event code to use on the mobile app, log a ticket with Grenadine Technical Support (link on bottom of Grenadine pages).

Use the dashboard page for your con to set up the basic details about the con, e.g. dates, location, etc.

  • Note: The location isn't published on the public site until the program has at least 1 item published in 1 room (maybe set up program with opening ceremony? Use something that will certainly happen at some point during the con)

Getting important content to show up on home page and "about the event" page:

  • Anything put into the description under the dashboard shows up on both the home page and "about the event" pages.

Customising the look and feel of your Swancon Grenadine site:

  • Theme Colour: If your Swancon year has a theme colour, you can make it so that the website for your year uses the theme colour throughout (colours for links, buttons, etc.).
    • Use an online colour converter to switch from RGB (from paint) to hex code to use in the colour code on the Grenadine site.
  • Publishing > Web Site Customizations > Custom CSS > Follow instructions given in the HTML comment section /* [...] */

Swancon Logo (if update is required):

  • Grenadine uses this image throughout the site (e.g. top left corner of header banner, event info near registration button. Use PNG or JPG image with a size of min 480x200 pixels (up to a maximum of 1536 by 640 pixels).
  • Publishing > Logos & Generic Images

Intro blurb to Swancon:

  • Image only, min of 1000px by 500px. Suggest using a PNG file with transparency* so as not to hide the background image.
  • Publishing > Web Site Customizations > Home Page > Foreground Image (Optional)

Background image behind Intro blurb:


Pages with additional information about the event:

  • Grenadine is pretty restrictive re additional content to be added. Any pages that are not system generated (i.e. custom content, such as all the pages that show up under the "Event Information" on the public facing site) can only be displayed under the "Event Information" section
    • Publishing > Content Pages
  • This is where you can create pages with content such as Guests & bios, Code of Conduct, Awards info, etc. You can set the order of the pages, bear in mind that the page order does affect the view within the mobile app, but not the website itself.
  • NOTE: Content pages are published immediately upon saving (unlike programming, it does not have a separate publishing feature).
  • NOTE 2: All content pages are viewable via the mobile app (unfortunately this cannot be turned out at this stage), but you can choose whether to display it on the public website.


  • Set up ticketing details (e.g. cost, days, availability, etc.)
    • Tickets > Ticket type
  • Set up buyer details via Registration form (e.g. name of attendee, badge name, email address, acknowledge WASFF disclaimer, how did you hear about us, etc.)
    • Tickets > Registration Form
  • Set up acknowledgement of purchase email auto-responses
    • Tickets > Registration Messages