Swancon XV

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Being the 15th Western Australian regional science fiction convention.

Dates: Friday 26th to Monday 29th January, 1990

The Convention


Professional GoH: Terry Dowling

Fan GoH and Toastmaster: Grant Stone


Miss Maud's European Hotel (accommodation)

Swy Theatre (convention facilities)


Coordinator: Don Griffiths

Vice Coordinator: Ann Griffiths

Treasurer: Tara Smith

Secretary and GoH Liaison: Stephen Dedman

Programmer and Editor: Jeremy G Byrne

Venue Liaison: Mike Davis

Video Programmer: Robin Pen

Security and Gaming Coordinator: Chris Stronach

Assisting the Committee

Fundraising: Ralph Smith

Day Manager Coordinator: Mark bivens

Sound: Bob Ogden

Lighting: Robert Masters

Masquerade MC: Ian Nicholls

Auction: John McDouall and Paul J. Stevens

Gothik Dance Compere: Anthony Anderson

Tin Ducks: Keira McKenzie

AD&D Tournament: Mike Poidinger

NanoCon Coordinator: Colleen Jenkins

Day Managers, Gophers, General Assistance: Myriad Others



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