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Use this template to create a link (or list of links) to Special:BookSources for one or more International Standard Book Numbers with the usual "ISBN" prefix. The template supports 10- and 13-digit ISBNs (with or without hyphens).


results in:

ISBN 0-7475-3269-9



results in:

ISBN 978-1-4133-0454-1

If more than one ISBN is given, the template will separate them using a comma:


results in:

ISBN 978-1-4133-0454-1, 978-1-4133-0454-1, 978-1-4133-0454-1

Alternatively the conjugation between the last two list items can be defined using the leadout= parameter:


results in:

ISBN 978-1-4133-0454-1, 978-1-4133-0454-1 and 978-1-4133-0454-1

It the leading "ISBN" link should not occur (for example in longer lists), it can be suppressed using the plainlink=yes parameter:


results in:

ISBN 978-1-4133-0454-1, 978-1-4133-0454-1, 978-1-4133-0454-1

(Alternatively the {{ISBNT}} template can be used.)

The plainlink and leadout parameter can be used at the same time:

{{ISBN|978-1-4133-0454-1|978-1-4133-0454-1|978-1-4133-0454-1|plainlink=yes|leadout=as well as}}

results in:

ISBN 978-1-4133-0454-1, 978-1-4133-0454-1 as well as 978-1-4133-0454-1


The template preserves the formatting of the input values, for example:

{{ISBN|978-1-4133-0454-1|978141330454-1|978 1-41330-454-1}}

results in:

ISBN 978-1-4133-0454-1, 978141330454-1, 978 1-41330-454-1

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