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The {{Infobox convention}} is an infobox for fan conventions. All parameters are optional, though "name" will default to the article's page name.


{{Infobox convention
| name       = 
| image      = 
| caption    = 
| status     = 
| genre      = 
| venue      = 
| location   = 
| country    = 
| first      = 
| last       = 
| organizer  = 
| filing     = 
| attendance = 
| website    = 

Explanation of parameters

Parameter Explanation
name Contains the base name of the convention. Do not include numbers or years.
image Image of the convention's logo.
caption Caption for the logo. The default is no caption.
status Use either "Active" or "Inactive." You may also use "N/A" if it is indeterminable.
genre The primary subject matter genre of the convention
venue Current location where the convention is held. (Ex: Simon Fraser University)
location City/town where the convention is held. (Ex: New York, New York)
country Country where the convention takes place (Ex: United Kingdom).
first The first year the convention was held
last The last year of the convention was held. Leave blank if still active.
organizer The group or groups that currently organize the convention. This list should not include sponsors.
filing This is the federal tax filing status. Some possible values are: 501(c)(3), Private Enterprise, For Profit Corporation, and etc.
attendance An estimate of the paid attendees at the last convention. A multi-day pass should count as only one attendee. Do not use projected attendance of a future convention.
website The URL of the convention's official website.