The Festival of the Imagination

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The souvenir book titles it "The Festival of the Imagination". The programme leaflet says "SwanCon 17", and "Incorporating Anime Matsuri, PARSEC and the 17th Annual Western Australian Conference on Science Fiction and Fantasy".

Dates: Friday 24th to Monday 27th January, 1992

The Convention


Principal Guests: Terry Dowling, Nick Stathopoulos

Special Guest: Paul Kidd

Invited Guests: Philippa Maddern, Sean McMullen, Grant Stone, Lucy Sussex


The Ascot Inn Function Centre, 1 Epsom Ave Belmont WA


Mark Bivens

Jeremy Byrne

Peter Cooper

Robin Pen

Richard Scriven

Tara Smith

Chris Stronach

Subcommittee members: Stefan Brazil, Sean Byrne, David Cake, Rod Coate, Thomas Edge, Craig Greenbank, Poh Sien Loh



Publications and Productions

  • Program book



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