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Reimbursement Email

Receipts/invoices should be sent as a PDF attachement to xero (at) swancon.com.au, this will sent a copy to Xero,SC Treasurer and WASFF Treasurer.

Expense Claims (Reimbursements Process)

Go to the Expenses page in Xero.

  • Add Receipt
    • From the white file top right add the file('s) associated with the claim
    • Do not enter an "Item"
    • Complete remaining details
    • Click Save
  • Submit for Approval
    • If transferring money for each reimbursement separately (Especially applicable if some have been logged on other peoples behalf's for reimbursement to separate accounts) make sure to submit each item separately.
  • Authorise transfer
    • Go to "Awaiting Authorisation" and open each item and approve them.
    • Unsure how to complete "Payment Due Date" and "Reporting Date", have been entering the date the payment was made, or today's date if starting transfer now.
  • Once the Claims are authorised they will auto match or can be found using the "Match" tab on the Bank Rec page.
  • Any claims that have not yet been paid/reconciled with show on the "Awaiting Payment" tab of Expenses.

Reconciling Transactions

  • Go to Bank Accounts
  • Check for the blue buttons on the bank accounts saying "Reconcile x items" we are currently only doing this for the WASFF Main account
  • For a given transaction:
    • Money Transfers (not including sending/receiving seed money), use the "Transfer" tab.
      • "Select a bank account" is the account the money is going to (IE "Swancon 2018 - 5781")
      • Set "Reference" to something descriptive (IE "TRF Stripe")
      • Click "OK" to save
    • Receiving money from a vendor (IE: Stripe), use the "Create" tab.
      • Set "Cons" (Bottom left) to the project the money is for (IE "SC2018")
      • Set "Who" to who the money is from (IE "Gren-Stripe")
      • Set "What" to the account its for (IE "201 - Membership Fees")
      • Click "OK" to save
    • Misc, if there is no process, use the "Discuss" tab.
      • Enter a verbose description of the transaction, who (from>to), why, email date, etc
      • Click "Save" to save

Treasurers AGM Report contents:

  • Statement of Receipts and Payments and Bank Reconciliation for WASFF's financial year (overall):
  • Statement of Receipts and Payments and Bank Reconciliation for Swancon's (Past, Current, Future) project lifetime:
  • Statement of Receipts and Payments and Bank Reconciliation for other WASFF projects (run into/across this year) project lifetime?
  • Deficit/Surplus's for completed Swancon projects (should include as many recent years results as practical):