WASFF Web Minutes 2006-06-01

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  • Jeremy Byrne
  • David Cake
  • Chris Creagh
  • Peter Kelly
  • MSquared
  • Shay Telfer
  • Jaunita Whitehead


  • Discussion about main areas of site, namely
  • Professional looking corporate-facing pages
  • WASFF Board
  • Subcommittees, conventions, budgets etc.
  • Redbook
  • Other interesting stuff for fans
  • Ju has content for corporate-facing pages as a result of other things she's doing so she will work on gathering that together and creating a spec on what's required for the corporate-facing site.
  • Concerns are raised about ease of restricting access to sections of the wiki under MediaWiki. Probably ok for simple cases, but more complex restrictions may require a different approach. Go with the simple approach for now and see what issues arise.
  • Need to work out some way of importing content from Twiki into MediaWiki.
  • Shay has an iCal calendar containing event info from the Bullsheet, to be published to a WebDAV server for iCal or Firefox calendar users, and pushed to Google Calendar and also Web site.
  • Wiki is currently on Hostgator
  • Wiki should support OpenID (in this case, LiveJournal id's)
  • Discussion of how to seed Wiki with content initially and who to invite whom.


  • Ju to work on content and spec for the corporate-facing pages
  • Jeremy to look at supporting OpenID on the Wiki
  • Shay to forward password info from Jeremy's previous e-mail
  • Chris to invite the following people to contribute to the Wiki
  • Anna Hepworth
  • Tony de Groot
  • Grant Stone
  • Simon Oxwell
  • Doug Burbidge
  • David Gunn
  • Ken
  • Chris Parker (re JAFWA)
  • Ju to invite the following
  • Grant Watson
  • Lily Chrywenstrom
  • Danny Oz
  • Lyn and Lee Battersby
  • Robin Penn
  • Jeremy to invite the following
  • Simon Haynes
  • Sally Beasley
  • David Cake to invite Rohan Wallace
  • Peter to invite Jay Watson
  • Shay to invite 2 others
  • Everyone to write 2 wiki pages before next meeting