2014 Natcon BM minutes

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This article includes the minutes of the Business Meeting of the 53nd National Australian SF Convention (the Natcon in 2014), which took place at Continuum 10 in Melbourne, in The Carousel Room of Intercontinental Melbourne (The Rialto), 495 Collins Street, at 10.00am, Monday, 09 June, 2014.

These minutes should be considered unofficial, having yet to be approved by the 2015 NatCon Business Meeting.


An agenda was produced, circulated to various email lists and made available to attendees.


Chair: Julian Warner Minute taker: PRK


Meeting Opened

1. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting.

2. Business Arising from the Previous Meeting.

3. Natcon Standing Committee Report

4. Site Selection for the 2016 National Convention

5. Ditmar Subcommittee report

6. Convention Reports

a. 2013 – Conflux 9
b. 2014 – Continuum 10
c. 2015 – Swancon 40

7. Selection of the Standing Committee

8. Motions on Notice

  • Motion
That the Business Meeting instruct the Standing Committee to develop additions to the Rules which specify the conditions under which Nominations and Awards may be declined and potential nominees may withdraw themselves from consideration, as well as a mechanism for recording such instances and informing the community, including in relation to the Eligibility List.
Proposed: Jeremy Byrne
The general position in the past has been that nominations could not be declined and awards could only be refused. However, the Greg Egan precedent stands in contrast, and further consideration is justified by recent requests from the community. Inconclusive discussion of this matter took place on the Standing Committee list in late April (where it was noted that a distinction should be made between withdrawal or declining of nominations and "corrections of the record" regarding the involvement of individuals in nominated group activity). The issue may be worthy of wider consultation, and certain options may lead to an increase in the responsibilities of the Standing Committee.

9. General Business

Additional information

  • All positions on the Standing Committee of the Natcon Business Meeting will be up for re-election by the meeting.
  • All bids for the 2016 National Australian Science Fiction Convention should be received by the Business Meeting chair (or, given that a chair has not been appointed prior to the publication of this Agenda, any member of the 2013 Standing Committee) before the start of the meeting, and representatives of the bid should be prepared to address the meeting.