2020 non-Ditmar eligibility list

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Note that this is not an "official" list; it is almost certain to be incomplete, and may contain ineligible work. Please see the discussion page, or add a question there, if you are uncertain of a work's eligibility. Please try to provide as much information as possible about a given work, but don't worry if you can't provide all the detail in the examples.

This article lists works 'published' by Australians in 2019, that may be eligible for annual awards—that do not fall within the Ditmar categories. (The list is neither exhaustive nor necessarily accurate. Errors may be corrected and omissions added at any time.)

A list of works and people which may be eligible in the Ditmar categories (Novel; Novella or Novelette; Short Story; Collected Work; Fan Writer; Fan Artist; Fan Publication in any Medium; New Talent; Criticism or Review) can be found here.

Professional Production (any Media)

Non-Professional Production (any Media)

  • An Example Australian non-professional Production, Artist(s) [state], for Containing Publication(s), Publisher(s) (Location(s)). (Example link to more information)

  • A Ballad of the Four Porgs, Jacob Tindall [WA], Luke Chandler-Hopkins [WA], Bryn Hepworth [WA], Rosalie Chilvers [WA], Lyra Telfer [WA], Devin Telfer [WA], Annabel Shellabear [WA], Matthew Williams [WA], Galen Telfer [WA], at Swancon 2019 Closing Ceremony

Youth Art (12 and under)

  • Sculpture of a Flower, Sophia Hawkes [WA], Swancon 2019 Artshow.
  • Moon Buggy, Connor Gunn [WA], Swancon 2019 Artshow.
  • Mini Paintings, Connor Gunn [WA], Swancon 2019 Artshow.
  • Sculpture of a Robot, Margaret Hawkes [WA], Swancon 2019 Artshow.
  • A Moon Rock, Logan Gunn [WA], Swancon 2019 Artshow.
  • Rocket Ship, Logan Gunn [WA], Swancon 2019 Artshow.
  • Making Girl Guide Cookies, Galen Telfer [WA], Swancon 2019 Artshow.
  • Rainbow Tree, Lyra Telfer [WA], Swancon 2019 Artshow.
  • Rainbow Sludge, Lyra Telfer [WA], Swancon 2019 Artshow.
  • Hotel Madagascar, Isabel Taylor [WA], Swancon 2019 Artshow.
  • Time Zones, Isabel Taylor [WA], Swancon 2019 Artshow.
  • Grandma, Jordyn Taylor Watson [WA], Swancon 2019 Artshow.
  • Astronaut Ben, Benjamin Taylor Watson [WA], Swancon 2019 Artshow.
  • Characters from Harry Potter, Matthew Williams [WA], Swancon 2019 Artshow.
  • Robot Dragon, Claire Sharpe [WA], Swancon 2019 Artshow.
  • Splurges, Winter Ransteed [WA], Swancon 2019 Artshow.