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Service Accounts

This is a list of logins for WASFF and Swancon.

Logins with a bold people indicate a secondary login/account to the primary login.

Service Purpose Username (Email) Login holders Notes
Grenadine Swancon Ticket sales convenor, treasurer, programmer, venue at Brian Johnson, Doug Burbidge, Frames Should investigate replacement with Grenadine?
Stripe Collect Grenadine payments wasff-treasurer (Owner), treasurer at Brian Johnson, Brian Johnson, Doug Burbidge, Jack Bridges Grenadine payments run through this
Ticketbooth Movie Ticket sales wasff-treasurer (Owner), treasurer, events at Brian Johnson Should investigate replacement with Grenadine?
RedBubble Merchandise redbubble at Jack Bridges, Prk, Brian Johnson Treasurer Mailbox
MailChimp Newsletters and PR tech (Owner), convenor, events, marketing at Brian Johnson
SurveyMonkey Survey's SwanconSurveys (Marketing at Brian Johnson Marketing Mailbox
Facebook (Page) Public Relations Permissions Brian Johnson, Linda, Desiree, Jack Bridges, Samara, Doug
Facebook (Group) Events and Public Relations Permissions Swancon Page, Brian Johnson, Doug Burbidge, Frames, Samara, Graeme Watson, Desiree Heald
Facebook Acc (Group) Accessibility group Permissions Laura Dell
Google+ (Page) Events and Public Relations Permissions Brian Johnson (Owner), Doug Burbidge, Jay Watson
Google+ (Community) Public Relations NA PRK (Owner), Brian Johnson (Moderator), Jay Watson
Tumblr Image sharing tumblr at Brian Johnson Marketing Mailbox
Twitter Public Relations swancon (twitter at Brian Johnson Forwards to Marketing Mailbox
Discord Public Relations swancon (discord at Stephen McGlone Email Forwards to Stephen, Very kindly setup and managed by Stephen.
Cadbury Fundraising Chocolates cadbury at Chris Coman? Treasurer Mailbox
Live Journal Blogging? livejournal at Brian Johnson Marketing Mailbox
YouTube Video sharing/streaming youtube at Brian Johnson Marketing Mailbox
Cafepress Merchandise? cafepress at Treasurer Mailbox
Vivid Wifi Portable internet service vivid-wifi at Brendan Ragan, Prk
Web24 hosting: VM(Website) sftech at PRK, Brian Johnson
NetRegistry Domain name Registrar (expires Jan 26) sftech at PRK,Brian Registered Contact email sftech at NS:Office365
NetRegistry Domain name Registrar (expires Nov 22) sftech at PRK?,Msquared Registered Contact email email 4.owner.wasff at
Hostgator most Websites Jeremy Byrne Free
Acehost wiki. and Websites Jeremy Byrne Free
VentraIP Wholesale Domain name Registrar Jeremy Byrne Registered Contact email 1.owner at
ACNC NonProfit Registration convenor-2017 (convenor-2017 at Brian Johnson Linked to ABN
Office365 Emails( User Specific Brian Johnson,Doug,PRK Is linked to Azure subscription
ConnectingUp NFP Services Reseller swancon(convenor-2017 at Brian Johnson Doesn't manage any services
Instagram Public Relations Swancon_wa / Brian Johnson,Hayden instagram@ goes to marketing mailbox
Service Purpose Username Login holders Notes
Service Purpose Username Login holders Notes

Mailing Lists

The following are swancon/wasff email lists, admin'ed via Office 365, admin'ed via mailman:

Email Purpose Members
wasff at Board members plus interested community members Doug Burbidge, PRK
wasff-board-only at Board members only. Confidential business only. Doug Burbidge, Brian
csc at CSC discussion list. Usually CSC and some ConCom members. Doug Burbidge, Brian