Bidding for the Natcon

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This article provides some detail on the process of bidding for the Natcon.

The bid

The Natcon Constitution notes that bidding for the Australian National SF Convention ("the Natcon") is an "informal" process which typically takes place during a Business Meeting at the Natcon two years prior to the date of the bidding convention.

Notification of a bid is made to the chair of the Standing Committee of the Natcon Business Meeting in sufficient time to be included in the agenda of the meeting.


A bid would typically include the following details:

  • Dates
  • Committee, including any relevant skills and experience
  • Venue (and surrounds), if any
  • Theme, if any
  • Unique and interesting ideas for programming or events
  • Rough budget, including:
    • Ticket pricing
    • Break-even numbers
    • Details of sponsorships, grants or other financial support, if any

Because of the open nature of the Business Meeting, bids won't be expected to discuss potential guests or otherwise significantly compromise schedule, marketing etc.


While certainly not a pre-requisite for a bid, many prospective Natcon committees will have a venue lined up with the contract contingent on them winning the bid.

Startup funding

For conventions without a State-based sponsor, start-up funding is available from the Australian Science Fiction Foundation (email the Secretary for more information). The application process is "fairly laid back - can we have some money please?"

Start-up funds are zero-interest loans, although donations to the Foundation in excess of start-up funding repayment are welcomed.

Potential sponsor organisations

Process in the absence of a bid

In the absence of a timely bid acceptable to the Business Meeting, is will become the responsibility of the Standing Committee to solicit and manage bids, and to make a final selection as it deems appropriate.

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