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Souvenir book cover says "Con Fusion '94" and "Incorporating Swancon 19". It implies (but does not state) that this was the National Media Convention. (Actually, Constantinople, held 1-4 April 1994 in Melbourne, had been the National Media Science Fiction Convention, but "Confusion 96" had won the right to be the National Media Convention for 1996.)

Dates: Friday 15th to Sunday 17th July 1994

The Convention


  • Guest of Honour: Sylvia Anderson, Lewis Morley, Marilyn Pride
  • Guest of Honour: Danny Heap
  • Invited Guest: Craig Hilton


Perth International Hotel (later known as the Mercure), 10 Irwin Street Perth.


  • Coordinator: Sue Ann Barber
  • Publications: Scott Barkla
  • Programming Coordinator: Robin Clarke
  • Video Programming Coordinator: Rod Coate
  • Guest Liaison: William Duffy
  • Video Programming Committee: Tom Edge
  • Twonks Anonymous Rep: David Gunn
  • Programming Committee: Damian Magee
  • Treasurer: Heather Magee
  • Hucksters & Art Show: Simon Oxwell
  • Con Artist: Amy Pronovost
  • Secretary: Andrew Purcell
  • Hotel Liaison: Geoff Tilley
  • Hucksters Committee: Brian Trump, Elizabeth Trump
  • Most of the Fund Raising Committee: Jason Strong, Eugene (Alex) Roseveare, Brad Smart


Prior to Sylvia Anderson being announced as Guest of Honour, Gerry Anderson was to have been Guest of Honour, subject to confirmation.

Oral History and reminiscences


Publications and Productions




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