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The Combined National Media & Literature Science Fiction Convention

Dates: 1-4 April 1994

Themes: cyberpunk, cats


Guest of Honour: William Gibson

Fan Guests of Honour: Bruce Gillespie, Bean & Medge

Special Guests: Sandra Reid, Robert Jewell, Kate Orman

Absent Fan Guest of Honour: Narrelle Harris

The Convention


Awards & Club Liaison: Katrine Papworth

Masquerade/ Fan Lounge: Carol Tilley

General Secretary: Alan Stewart

Chairman: Donna Heenan

Programming: Miss Jane

Treasurer: Apollo Zammit

Programming/Tech Manager: Glen Tilley

Hotel Liaison & Minutes: Jocko


Southern Cross Hotel, Exhibition St, Melbourne


This was the first time a convention was officially both the Australian National Convention and the Australian National Media Convention.

The Constantinople conbook describes Constantinople as the 33rd National Science Fiction Convention and the 14th National Media Convention. Progress Report 5, dated March 1993 had described Constantinople as the 33rd Australian National Science Fiction Convention and 12th Australasian Science Fiction Media Convention. Perhaps it was recalled that not all the Australian SF Media Natcons had been officially Australasian in scope, but overlooked that the ones that hadn't were already included in the count of 12.

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