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Continuum is a Melbourne "speculative fiction and pop culture" convention.


Year Name Chair(s) Dates Location Guests of Honour
2003 Continuum: Secret Worlds, Dark Dreams Danny Heap (now Danny Oz) July 11-13 Cato Conference Centre Kate Forsyth, Chris Lawson, Nick Stathopoulos, Marilyn Pride, Lewis Morley
2004 Continuum 2: Gods of Myth and Silicon Danny Oz June 11-14 Cato Conference Centre Trudi Canavan, Eddie Campbell, Max Barry
2005 Continuum 3: Creatures Natural and Unnatural Kirstyn McDermott July 15-17 Hilton on the Park Neil Gaiman, Poppy Z. Brite, Richard Harland, Robin Hobb, James "Jocko" Allen
2006 Continuum 4: Retrorama Ian Mond, Anthony Mitchell Aug 4-6 Victoria Hotel Shaun Tan, Charles Stross, Margo Lanagan
2009 Continuum 5: Galaxies by Gaslight Rachel Holkner, Paul Poulton Aug 14-16 Ether Centre Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Narrelle M. Harris
2010 Continuum 6: Future Tense Emma Hespa Mann Feb 26-28 Ether Centre Mark Pesce, Kim Westwood
2011 Continuum 7: Changing Consciousness David Crisp June 10-13 Ether Centre Catherynne M. Valente, Dave Freer

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