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Doom-Con: Swancon 37 was run over Easter, April 5-9 2012

The Convention


  • International GoH: Brandon Sanderson
  • National GoH: Marianne de Pierres
  • Fan guest: Chris Creagh


Pan Pacific Hotel (formerly known as the Sheraton).


  • Convenor: Kitty
  • Treasurer: PRK
  • Programmer (in both senses of the word): Brendan Ragan
  • Secretary & Masquerade: Kat Griffiths
  • Venue, Awards & Art Show: Linda Deegan
  • Auction & Volunteer Coordinator: Jason Muirhead
  • Accessibility: Matt Lindus
  • Gaming: Tim McDougall, Bronwyn Cropley
  • Console Gaming: Adam McCaw
  • Marketing & Design: Tim Best, Christopher Percival, Amanda Rainey
  • Fundraising: Chris Coman
  • Quiz Night: Rachel Giovanni


Door prices

  • Full membership: $250 full/$185 concession.
  • Day memberships: $40 Thursday, gold coin donation Friday, $75 full/$55 concession for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Does not confer WASFF membership and voting rights.
  • Supporting membership: $20. Includes WASFF membership (and associated voting rights).
  • Special Event Membership (for just the Masquerade on the Saturday night, or the Magic the gathering tournament on the Sunday): $20.

Memberships were also available for purchase via the website, using PayPal or Direct Deposit.



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