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Office 365 is a Microsoft product Wasff is subscribed to as a Nonprofit organisation, ConnectingUp was subscribed to and then used to verify this status.


Office 365 provides a free email system with robust spam filtering and an enterprise level service as well as adequate storage for organisation memory or auditing purposes.


Users should not delete emails in mailboxes, move them to a SwanconXX subfolder for future reference. Emails setup on this service can be accessed in a number of ways:

  • A Mailbox that emails are directly delivered to.
    • As all emails pass through a mailbox even if a user chose to receive emails directly to their personal email a copy is still retained.
  • An account you can use to access shared mailboxes.
    • A person needing to access multiple mailboxes.
    • Multiple people needing to access one mailbox and not share usernames/passwords.
  • Copies of emails sent to mailboxes are also forward to distribution groups, contacts can be added to these groups and receive a copy to their nominated email address.

Links and Resources


FYI: <role> is used to reference the following Convenor,Treasurer,Secretary,Programming, etc

Access to Committee's <role> emails

  • Mailbox access: Provide login details for people using Webmail or Outlook (Reset Password)
  • Forward emails to users personal mailbox.
    • Add a contact (If necessary)
      • Go to Admin Center, select "Users" > "Contacts"
      • Click "+ Add a contact", enter details, Click "Add"
    • Add Contact to FW-<role> group('s) as necessary.
  • Mailbox access special: Some user may wish to access multiple mailboxes or have multiple people with different accounts access a mailbox.
    • They can be setup with their own user account and an E1 license
    • They can log into an existing <role> mailbox and access other mailboxes
    • Go to Admin Center
      • Click "Swancon <role>" user, "Edit" "Mailbox Permissions", add permissions as necessary.

Setup yearly committee mailing groups

  • Add Contacts (Other Committee Members that don't have a <role> email address) for the years committee.
    • Go to Admin Center, select "Users" > "Contacts"
    • Click "+ Add a contact", enter details, Click "Add"
  • Setup committee Group
    • Go to Exchange Admin Center
    • Click: Groups
    • Click "+" and select "Distribution Group"
    • Enter details as below:
      • Display Name: Swancon4x 201x Committee
      • Alias: swanconcom-201x
      • Email address: swanconcom-201x
    • Add yourself to "Owners"
    • Add Members
    • Set "Choose whether owner approval is required to join the group." to "Closed"
      • All DisplayName:"Swancon <role>" accounts should be added
      • Any contacts DisplayName: Persons Name that are on the committee, but wont be getting any <role> emails.

Setup new organisation email address

  • Setup Mailbox
    • Go to Admin Center, select "Users" > "Active users"
    • Click "+ Add a user"
    • Enter details as below:
      • Display Name: Swancon <role>
      • Username: <role>
      • Product Licenses: Office 365 Enterprise E1
  • Setup "Distribution Group"
    • Go to Exchange Admin Center
    • Click: Groups
    • Click "+" and select "Distribution Group"
    • Enter details as below:
      • Display Name: FW-<role>
      • Alias: FW-<role>
      • Email address: FW-<role>
    • Add yourself to "Owners"
    • Add Members: Anyone that wont access the mailbox and needs the emails forwarded to their personal email
    • Click Save
  • Edit Distribution Group and tick "Hide this group from address lists"
  • Forward a copy of emails to the group.
    • Go to Exchange Admin Center, mailboxes
    • Edit "Swancon <role>" mailbox
    • Click "mailbox features", click Mail Flow ("View details")
      • Tick "Enable forwarding"
      • Browse for Display Name: "FW-<role>"
      • Tick "Deliver message to both forwarding address and mailbox"
      • Click "OK"
    • Click "Save"
  • Done

Conclusion and Notes

Its preferable that users use mailboxes directly as this will record outgoing correspondence as well.


There are lots of online resources just google "Office 365 ???". Brian Johnson provisioned the system.