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Planning the gaming stream need not be difficult, if there is a convention theme, you may wish to think about tournament or featured games that fit the theme.

Meet with the rest of the concom to discuss the gaming space. Note that past experience has shown that gaming in a through-way is not viable, nor should the gaming space be far removed from the main con spaces. The ideal gaming space is located adjacent to (but separate from) the main thoroughfare, is securable, and has a smaller separate adjacent space for RPGs. Space for at least 7 tables is needed for a local con, and 10 for a NatCon. More is better.

Pre Convention

Seek out help! One (or even two) will find it difficult to run the gaming room(s) alone.

Contact the various gaming club around Perth (e.g. Western Australian Boardgaming Association, Final Frontiers, Gamers' Guild), and see if they would like to run any events and/or provide volunteers to help run the room. Ensure that you discuss the handling of volunteers well in advance with the rest of the committee. Over the years different committees have had different views of managing this.

If possible, ensure you can provide a visible means of identifying on-duty volunteers (the 'Meeple-Angel' vests, for example).

Also seek out donations of and/or funding for prizes for tournaments.

Consider con-wide/long events as well - the 2015 Gaming Room Bingo Cards seemed successful, to give an example.

Also consider gaming-related panel items - and look for presenters and panelists for those.

Ensure the Programming Coordinator knows what events you have planned, and work with them on scheduling.

Find out if the GoH and/or FGoH have any gaming interests, and ensure at least one event reflects that interest - if it exists.

During Convention

Post Convention