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How to apply for a WASFF grant

The Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation’s charter is to foster interest in science fiction within Western Australia.

If you have a project which you think fits this goal, you may be eligible for a new $500 grant that WASFF is offering.

The Rules

If you win a WASFF grant, you will be required to follow these rules. You must:

  1. attend WASFF board meetings until you’ve wrapped up your project.
  2. submit a formal budget to the WASFF board.
  3. spend the money on the project you described to WASFF in your application. If you don’t, you have to pay the money back.
  4. show you’ve spent the money by producing the receipts.
  5. give progress reports to the WASFF board on a regular basis.

The allocation of grant money by WASFF will depend on the Foundation’s financial situation and the suitability of proposed projects. Amounts other than $500 will be considered, depending on the merits of the project. WASFF reserves the right to refuse applications for grant money at any time.

How to apply

To apply, simply fill in the Application Form on the other side of this page, and then give it to a member of the WASFF board; or you can post it to:

GPO Box G429,
Perth, WA, 6841.

You must fill in each section of the form, and you must sign and date it, or it won’t be valid. You don’t need to attach a formal budget to the Application Form—a rough estimate is enough. If you win the grant, you will be expected to present a budget at the next WASFF board meeting.

To find out more see the WASFF web site: <>.

Application Form

(I have a spiffy Word doc that could be uploaded, but no way of hosting it -- CC.)

Please print-out and fill in the following information:

Name(s) of Applicant(s):
Project Title:
Summary of Project:
Rough Estimate of Costs:
Applicant’s Contact Details