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The Marge Hughes award is a Western Australian sf award for contributions to fandom which are not otherwise acknowledged. It is informally known as "The Mumfan".


The award is names for Margaret Hughes, a fan active in the 1970s and 1980s and well-known for her support and counselling activities, which earned her the nickname "Mumfan". (Her son Warren was a contemporary fan.)

Award recipients

This list currently incomplete.
  • Tara Smith
  • 1993: Ralph Smith
  • Gina Goddard
  • Sue Leighton
  • Tom Edge & Craig Greenbank
  • 1999: Mark Bivens
  • 2000: John Samuel
  • 2001: Ruth & Rachel Turner
  • 2002: Simon Oxwell
  • Luigi Cantoni
  • 2005: Emma Hawkes & Dale Verdi
  • 2006: Davina Watson
  • 2007: Sarah Parker
  • 2008: Rob Masters and Alicia Smith
  • 2009: Chris Creagh

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