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The Marge Hughes award is a Western Australian sf award for contributions to fandom which are not otherwise acknowledged. It is informally known as "The Mumfan". The award is not necessarily given annually, although historically this has proved to be the case in practice.


The award is names for Margaret Hughes, a fan active in the 1970s and 1980s and well-known for her support and counselling activities, which earned her the nickname "Mumfan". (Her son Warren was a contemporary fan.)

Award recipients

This list currently incomplete.
  • Tara Smith
  • 1993: Ralph Smith
  • Gina Goddard
  • Sue Leighton
  • Tom Edge & Craig Greenbank
  • 1999: Mark Bivens
  • 2000: John Samuel
  • 2001: Ruth & Rachel Turner
  • 2002: Simon Oxwell
  • Luigi Cantoni
  • 2005: Emma Hawkes & Dale Verdi
  • 2006: Davina Watson
  • 2007: Sarah Parker
  • 2008: Rob Masters and Alicia Smith
  • 2009: Chris Creagh

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