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Mikey Award

The Mikey Award is to commemorate the fantastic work Michael O’Brien did encouraging fans in and out of the gaming rooms at Swancon. This award is for making the gaming experience enjoyable for others. Any member of Swancon that shows the same attitudes in the gaming room may be nominated.

  • The Award is for making the gaming experience enjoyable for others.
  • The voting is run in the gaming room.
  • This is an award that might not get awarded every year, on the strength of the nominations and votes. There should be clear evidence that the nominee has put in a significant effort into making the gaming experience enjoyable for others.
  • The nomination period runs from the beginning of the convention until Saturday dinner break; a name and comment/explanation should be written on the slip.
  • On Saturday night, the coordinator reviews these and shortlists 3-5 most deserving, based on the comments, the number of nominations, and their own observations then creates voting slips.
  • The voting slips are placed in the room, and votes are collected through Sunday morning – Monday Lunch.
  • At Monday lunchtime votes get counted by the coordinator. Ties are broken by nomination, commentary, evaluation and the coordinator's observations.
  • It is awarded in the closing ceremony, by Bec Handcock and/or a person of her choosing.
  • Attendees may nominate as many people as they feel are deserving, But they may only vote once.
  • Once someone wins the award, they cannot be awarded again.
  • Mikey awards can be coordinated by the Awards Coordinator, Gaming coordinator, or someone else in the community assigned to the role.
  • Feedback from previous awardees can be an invaluable resource in most stages of the process. They know the gamers best.
  • The award initially had a plaque with the words "The Mikey / in memory of / Michael O'Brien / Swancon 2013" but subsequent awards have "[swancon logo] Mikey Award [year]"

Previous creators of the Mikey award are:

  • 2012 -
  • 2013 -
  • 2014 - John Parker
  • 2015 - John Parker
  • 2016 - Commercially made
  • 2017 - Doug Burbidge
  • 2018 - Doug Burbidge
  • 2019 - (to be advised)
  • 2021 - (to be advised)

Previous winners of the Mikey award are:

  • 2012 - Mark Sander
  • 2013 - Alicia Smith
  • 2014 - Rob Masters
  • 2015 - John Samuel
  • 2016 - Terry Chilvers
  • 2017 - not awarded
  • 2018 - Laura Hodge
  • 2019 - not awarded
  • 2020 - No convention
  • 2021 - Warren Adams