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This article is intended to provide a Natcon running guide to inform and assist potential and future Australian National SF Conventions.

Responsibilities of the Convention

  • provide a venue and programming slot (traditionally three hours in length) for the Natcon Business Meeting
  • advertise the Ditmar nomination form and ballot, and make ballots available to eligible voters
    • Note: it has become traditional to snailmail Ditmar Ballots only to those eligible voters who have not supplied an email address
  • produce trophies and certificates
  • organise to post out uncollected awards
  • include a number of non-Ditmars in the ceremony, including the A. Bertram Chandler and the Normal K. Hemming Awards (ASFF Awards) and the Peter McNamara Award

Responsibilities of the Standing Committee of the Business Meeting

  • manage the evolution of the Natcon Constitution and rules under than Constitution including the Ditmar rules and the
  • assist in the management of an eligibility list
  • produce a nomination form
  • collect and collate nominations
  • produce a ballot
  • collect and collate votes
  • assist the Convention regarding Natcon matters