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{{Infobox publisher
{{Infobox publisher
| image  = [[File:purpletogapublicationslogo.png]]
| image  = [[File:purpletogapublicationslogo.jog]]
| parent  =  
| parent  =  
| founded = 2015
| founded = 2015

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Purple Toga Publications
Status active
Founded 2015
Founder Assaph Mehr
Country of origin Australia
Headquarters location Sydney, New South Wales
Fiction genres Speculative fiction
Official website purpletoga.com

Purple Toga Publications is an Australian independent publishing house founded by Assaph Mehr in 2015. The publisher specialises in speculative and historical fiction, and works with both Australian and international authors.




  • Murder In Absentia (2015) Volume 1 of The Stories of Togas, Daggers, and Magic by Assaph Mehr (ISBN 978-0-9944493-1-3 (trade paperback) and ISBN 978-1-9944493-0-6 (ebook))
  • In Numina (2018) Volume 2 of The Stories of Togas, Daggers, and Magic by Assaph Mehr (ISBN 978-0-9944493-4-4 (trade paperback) and ISBN 978-1-9944493-5-1 (ebook))
  • The One (2018) by Eric L. Klein (ISBN 978-0-9944493-2-0 (trade paperback) and ISBN 978-1-9944493-3-7 (ebook))

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