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This Job is in aid of Quiz Night. The Chair heads the subcommittee of up to 5 members.


What is the "reward" for this activity There is no financial reward, but the satisfaction of knowing you are raising funds for the convention, and creating a fun event for the community.


What should be achieved


What should you expect to be supplied


What resources exist to help with this. Ticketbooth, Dropbox/GoogleDrive, Website, Twitter.


What should you deliver during/after this task

Task List

Tasks that need to be completed (dot point) Picking a date and venue

  • Consider day – Thursday / Friday / Saturday nights preferable, Saturday / Sunday day for family friendly events
  • Consider date – Time of year – what is around that time; any conventions? Screenings? Other events?
  • Consider location – RAAFA is $50 to use IF you can get Tony there

Questions to ask venue

  • When can we arrive, leave by?
  • What is the occupancy? (both in total numbers and how many chairs / tables)
  • After making booking reconfirm with e-mail, and then reconfirm again
  • Call the week before to remind them
  • Work out payment – do they need a deposit? Do they accept cheque?
  • Ask if the manager is going to be there on the night? If not – who is in charge?
  • Ask how they want the room to be left – as we found it? Or chairs stacked on tables / chairs and tables stacked in the corner for cleaning?
  • What are the food options – if you are in a licensed venue, do they have dinner options? If not do they mind outside food / pizza delivery?
  • Are under 18's allowed inside with or without a guardian?


  • Have a clear / realistic budget and make sure you adhere to it – items to consider are; paper, pens, prizes, gear (PA/projector) and venue
  • Consider the door price when coming up with this budget. Make realistic expectation on income / expenses so you can make at least a minimum profit
  • Minimizing expenses – some businesses will give you paper and pens with their logo on it. You can borrow electrical gear (just ask around) which can lower the expenses
  • Venue PA – if the venue has electrical gear, its a good idea to check it out / have a backup. You don't want to get to the night and discover it not working. Also ask if there is an extra cost to use gear

Float – Make sure you collect the float the week before, and consider the cost of the quiz to what you bring (e.g. $15 entry means you need lots of $5s)


How to do the tasks

Conclusion and Notes



Who do you contact for help, list previous Personnel?