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(Where is it going to be?)
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*Generic [[Info for Hotels]] hosting a SwanCon
*Generic [[Info for Hotels]] hosting a SwanCon
*General Information
*General Information
*Other Hotel Things To Consider (Creche facilities, children's stream facilities, [[Accessibility#Venue_access|disabled access]])
*Other Hotel Things To Consider (Creche facilities, Family Programme facilities, [[Accessibility#Venue_access|disabled access]])
*[[Accessibility|Accessibility issues]]
*[[Accessibility|Accessibility issues]]

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The objective of the Red Book is to provide a detailed guide to running a Swancon, or to running conventions of a similar shape and size to Swancons. Swancon is unusual in that the entire committee changes every year; thus we must make a deliberate effort to preserve this knowledge.

Early Days

Working out the money

  • Budgeting
  • Costs
  • Income
  • Where does the money come from?
  • Keeping Track of the Money

Where is it going to be?

Who will come to your Convention?

  • Guests
  • Members

Before your convention

During your convention

What's on at the Con?