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2018 Ditmar eligibility list

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William Atheling Jr. Award for Criticism or Review
* Robert Goodman, for reviews in ''Aurealis''.
* Lisa L. Hannett, for "The Politics of Retelling NORSE MYTHOLOGY", in ''The Atlantic''. ([])
* Nalini Haynes, for 'Building resilience into ‘outsider’ teenagers via young adult literature' at Critical Health and Education Studies 2018 Conference ([])
* Nalini Haynes, for 'Drugs, Cyborgs and the Call of the Wild' at Smiths Alternative ([])
* Nalini Haynes, for 'Fearsome freaks: how the dominant discourse disenfranchises people with albinism' at the In Sickness and In Health 2018 Conference ([])
* Nalini Haynes, for 'Partially-sighted Cyborgs: debunking myths, exposing the truth' at the 4S2018 conference ([])
* Nalini Haynes, for 'The true Aryan does not have albinism' in PhDpeeps ([])
* Ian Irvine (Hobson), for "Are You Living Inside a 23rd Century Literary Masterpiece?", in ''Painted Words 2017'' (13th edition).
* George Ivanoff, for reviews, in ''Viewing Clutter''.