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2018 Ditmar eligibility list

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* ''Ashes Reborn'' (Souls of Fire 4), Keri Arthur, Little, Brown Book Group.
* ''Attunga'', Peter Wood, Diaspora Press.
* ''Aunt Enid: Protector Extraordinaire'', Karen J. Carlisle, Kraken Publishing.
* ''Bad to Worse'', Robert Edeson, Fremantle Press.
* ''Beyond the Edge of the Map'' (The Mapmaker Chronicles 4), A.L. Tait, Hachette Australia.
* ''Shades of Memory'', C.M. Simpson, C.M. Simpson Publishing.
* ''Shadow Hunt'' (The Leeth Dossier 3), L.J. Kendall, L.J. Kendall.
* ''Shine Mountain'', Julie Hunt, Allen & Unwin.
* ''Silver and Stone'' (The Atipodean Queen 2), Felicity Banks, Odyssey Books.
* ''Smoke Paper Mirrors'', Anna Tambour, infinity plus.
* ''The Undercurrent'', Paula Weston, Text Publishing.
* ''The Vampire Knife'' (The Witching Hours 1), Jack Henselait, Hardie Grant Egmont.
* ''The Way Home'' (Ashes of Olympus 1), Julian Barr, Odyssey Press.
* ''This Mortal Coil'', Emily Suvada, Penguin.
* ''To Kill an Emperor'' (The Turning Points Series 3), Jodie Lane, Jodie Lane.

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