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2010 Ditmar eligibility list

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* ''An Example Novel'', Australian Writer(s), Publisher (Location), 2009. ([ Example link to more information])
 * ''Subversive Activity'', Dave Luckett, Vivid Publishing (Fremantle, WA), 2009. [[ information]]* ''Life Through Cellophane'', Gillian Polack, Eneit Press (Culcairn, NSW), 2009. [[ information]]* ''World Shaker'', Richard Harland, Allen & Unwin (Crows Nest, NSW), 2009 [[ information]]
===Best Novella or Novelette===
* "An Example Novella or Novelette", Australian Writer, in Containing Publication, Publisher (Location), 2009. ([ Example link to more information])
 * "The Whale's Tale", Edwina Harvey, Peggy Bright Books (Maroubra, NSW), 2009. [[ information]]* "The Priestess and the Slave", Jenny Blackford, Hadley Rille Books (Overland Park, KS, USA). [[ More information]]
===Best Short Story===
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