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2013 Natcon BM minutes

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2a. Calendar for Ditmar running
Dave reports that we have a loose calendar for ditmar running which now includes detailed instruction for software running etc. Mostly nailed down except for some issues about elgibility eligibility list.
2b. consideration of linking
Talked about, someone volunteered but was not done. Could help for fixing google hits. A page for someone who is external to the community, eg: publishers wanting to “enter” their work. Want to make it automaintaining, and links to the standard pages.
Bill Wright raised issue about the question of PRs as elgible eligible for Fan Pub award. Talked about the various things that were nominated and not having to vote for silly things.
David McDonald asked about removal of Best Achievement awards.
Atheling body of work. IN/AR
* DC noted that this needed to put into form of rules amendment; he also noted that the rules say this.
* IN noted that elgibility eligibility list said different. DC proposed amendment that it apply to elgibility eligibility list, IN accepted.
Amended motion passed.