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==External Links==
==External Links==
*[http://history.sf.org.au/?tag=swancon-18 SwanCon 18 Posts on ASFDAP Blog]
*[http://history.sf.org.au/?p=2250 SwanCon 18 Progress Report (Minus) One on ASDAP blog]
*[http://history.sf.org.au/?tag=swancon-18 SwanCon 18 posts on ASFDAP blog]

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Being the 18th Western Australian regional science fiction convention. It was also the 32nd National Science Fiction Convention.

Dates: Thursday 8th to Monday 12th April 1993

Theme: Apocalypse Wow!

Another nickname: PrattCon

The Convention


Guest of Honour: Terry Pratchett

Fan GoH: Craig Hilton

Some guests of the convention: Robert Jordan, Paul Kidd, Lucy Sussex, Roman Orszanski, Nick Stathopoulos

DUFF: Leah Smith, Dick Smith


Ascot Inn, Ascot


Chair: Dave Luckett

Mark Bivens

Gigi Boudville

Doug Burbidge

Rod Coate

Publications: Peter Cooper

Guy Dyson

Tom Edge

Treasurer: Tara Smith

Mark Suddaby

Jay Stratton



Publications and Productions




External Links