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Although this was the 20th Swancon, it was publicised as 'Swancon '95', as the committee felt that they "did not want people to feel discouraged because they hadn't gone to the previous 19" [verbal report: Doug Burbidge].

Dates: Thursday 13th to Monday 17th April 1995

The Convention


Principal Guest: Pat Cadigan (a writer)

Other Guests:

  • Ellen Datlow (an editor)
  • Peter Read (a games person)


Sheraton Perth Hotel (rebranded as the Pan Pacific Perth in January 2011[1])


As at their January 1995 progress report, the committee were listed as:

  • Paul Branch – Secretary, Gaming, Guest Liaison
  • Doug Burbidge – Publications, Programming
  • Michael Deegan – Front Desk Coordinator
  • Guy Dyson – Treasurer, Guest Liaison
  • Damian Kneale – Security
  • John Parker – Awards
  • Jay Stratton – Promotions, Programming
  • Mark Suddaby – Promotions, PR, Liaison, Program
  • Celine Zhu – Video, Art

In addition,

  • another of the con publications lists Jay Stratton as responsible for Logo Design
  • Ruth Turner was roped in for something



Oral History and Reminiscences

The original chair of the convention was a brown wooden chair that lived at Celine & Paul's house. The idea was that the committee did not want one person to be senior to all others, and foolishly thought that they could get away without a chief. Limited oversight from WASFF meant that there wasn't someone to tell them how foolish this was; eventually Doug Burbidge took on the role in order to keep things running smoothly.

Memberships for this con were available from A Touch of Strange A Touch of Strange and Valhalla Games and Hobbies Valhalla Games and Hobbies

Ruth Turner was co-opted by Doug Burbidge and Damian Kneale after an epic game of Nine Princes in Amber (role playing game). [Ruth Turner]

Publications and Productions



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