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Maybe I shouldn't post this yet, but what the hell - I want to see how it looks up there. If anyone wants to delete it go ahead, I have a copy. It's just the beginning. Most facts are in print in Cygnetures (of which I seem to have 3 copies) and will be referenced when I find out how. I also have some letters that may yield tidbits. What is Cygnetures - do I hear. Watch this space ;) I hope to get Grant Stone and Cliff Wind to check this over, and others who were there ... And naturally any Wiki-ite (what's the noun then?) can mess with it.

Swancon 1 - Duckcon 13

The first West Australian Science Fiction Convention, held on October 9th-11th 1976.


  • Anthony Peacey (Chairman)
  • Wally Blackburn
  • Grant Stone
  • Cliff Wind


Door prices

  • Full: $x
  • Day: $some fraction of x


I think one of the attendees came as a guest


1. Anthony Peacey   21. Michael Alder
2. Wally Blackburn 22. Maureen Smith
3. Nancy Blackburn 23. Roy Ferguson
4. Grant Stone 24. Damian Brennan
5. Cliff Wind 25. Robert Gougr
6. Carl Peacey 26. Geraldine Lockye
7. S. W. Szymonek 27. L. Martin
8. J. Gartland 28. Larry Dunning
9. Graham Gough 29. S. Gunnell
10. Peter Parkinson 30. K.J. Rieder
11. Adam Jenkins 31. A. F. J. Bray
12. Andrew Harvey 32. Lyn Errington
13. Jim Dick 33. Tony Errington
14. Tony de Groot 34. Paul Lowthorpe
15. Yvonne Coombs 35. Una Gajadhar
16. Judith Hanna 36. Meg Howroyd
17. Ken Youngson 37. Robin Heckler
18. Stuart Burnfield 38. Maureen Gell
19. W. M. Hand 39. David Greely
20. Jean Horner 40. Lincoln Fowler


Anthony and Gloria Peacey's house in Milne Street, Bayswater.

All efforts to have the house listed as a World Heritage Fannish Shrine having failed it was sold to mundanes in 2002.


There is history


This heading may disappear

Academic and Expert Stream

Or something like that to cover the Murdoch-UWA standoff

Movie Screenings

There were movie screenings.


The actual record[1]


  1. Cygnetures exists in Anthony Peacey's archives (and possibly other places)

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