Swancon 12

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The 12th Western Australian regional science fiction convention, alternatively titled "Swancon XII: Breakthroughs"

Swancon 12/Swancon XII was held on the Labour Day Long Weekend, February 28-March 2 1987.

The Convention


GoH: John McDouall


Airways Hotel, 195 Adelaide Tce, Perth


Co-Ordinator: David Simmons

Secretary: Gina Goddard

Treasurer: Matthew Clarkson

Programming: Cindy Evans

Hotel Liason: Mark Bivens

Publicity: Stephen Johnson

Catering: Elizabeth Bowyer

Membership Rates

As of the third progress report the membership rates were:

Attending: $25

Supporting: $10

Door rate Attending: $30

Those wishing to attend the Sunday night banquet paid $20 per head.

Hucksters Tables costs:

Professional: $40

Fan: $20

(these were for the entire weekend)



Oral history and reminiscences

Publications and Productions




External Links

These are mostly links to transcripts that have been done for the Australian Science Fiction Distributed Archive Project (ASFDAP) on its blog 'This!'

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