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==External Links==
==External Links==
*[http://history.sf.org.au/?tag=swancon-14 SwanCon 14 posts on ASFDAP blog]
*[http://history.sf.org.au/?tag=swancon-14 SwanCon 14 posts on ASFDAP blog]
*[http://fancyclopedia.wikidot.com/swancon-14 Fancyclopedia summary]

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Being the 14th Western Australian regional science fiction convention -- Subtitled "The Urban Spaceman"-- this was also the 28th Australian National SF Convention.

Dates: Thursday 23rd to Monday 27th March (the Easter weekend), 1989

The Convention


GoH: John Varley

Toastmaster: Bob Shaw

FGoH: Paul J. Stevens

DUFF: John D. Berry

FFANZ: Brian Howell


King's Ambassador Hotel


Chairthingy: Cindy Clarkson

Secretary: Terry Chilvers

Financial Controller: hing-Wing Chung

Hotel: Greg Turkich

Programmer: Ian Nicholls

Publication: Gina Goddard

Publicity: John Richards

Fund Raising: Daryl Colgan

Fund Raising: Elisabeth Poidinger

Ditmar Awards: Grant Stone

Masquerade: Annette Wilson & Dorothy Cantoni

Security: Jay Plester



Publications and Productions

  • The Real Official Progress Report 1 - 16 A4 pages saddle stapled, with a yellow one A4 page insert relating to the GUFF (see Fan funds for more info on this) race.
  • Progress Report 2 - 12 A4 pages saddle stapled
  • Progress Report 3 - 12 A4 pages, saddle stapled, with multiple inserts: quiz night flyer, Ditmar nomination form, one A4 sheet with membership list on one side and information about the hotel on the other, and 2 A4 sheets stapled together which have 2 lists of works eligible for the Ditmars - Oz Fiction, and International titles.
  • Progress Report 4 - 12 A4 pages, saddle stapled, with multiple inserts: hotel booking form, general booking form, Ditmar voting form
  • Programme Book - 48 pp plus card cover, saddle stapled



External Links