Swancon 14

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Being the 14th Western Australian regional science fiction convention -- Subtitled "The Urban Spaceman"-- this was also the 28th Australian National SF Convention.

Dates: Thursday 23rd to Monday 27th March (the Easter weekend), 1989

The Convention


GoH: John Varley

Toastmaster: Bob Shaw

FGoH: Paul J. Stevens

DUFF: John D. Berry

FFANZ: Brian Howell


King's Ambassador Hotel


Chairthingy: Cindy Clarkson

Secretary: Terry Chilvers

Financial Controller: hing-Wing Chung

Hotel: Greg Turkich

Programmer: Ian Nicholls

Publication: Gina Goddard

Publicity: John Richards

Fund Raising: Daryl Colgan

Fund Raising: Elisabeth Poidinger

Ditmar Awards: Grant Stone

Masquerade: Annette Wilson & Dorothy Cantoni

Security: Jay Plester



Publications and Productions

  • The Real Official Progress Report 1 - 16 A4 pages saddle stapled, with a yellow one A4 page insert relating to the GUFF (see Fan funds for more info on this) race.
  • Progress Report 2 - 12 A4 pages saddle stapled
  • Progress Report 3 - 12 A4 pages, saddle stapled, with multiple inserts: quiz night flyer, Ditmar nomination form, one A4 sheet with membership list on one side and information about the hotel on the other, and 2 A4 sheets stapled together which have 2 lists of works eligible for the Ditmars - Oz Fiction, and International titles.
  • Progress Report 4 - 12 A4 pages, saddle stapled, with multiple inserts: hotel booking form, general booking form, Ditmar voting form
  • Programme Book - 48 pp plus card cover, saddle stapled

According to 'The Real Official Progress Report 1', there were three progress reports that predate Progress report 1. The text has this to say "..Up to now, Swancon 14 has concentrated its promotion upon targeting other Australian conventions, producing small PRs to do so. With the advent of Conviction, our strategy changes. There will be four 'major' Progress Reports between now and Easter 1989, all of a similar size and format to this one...."



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