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(details to be added later) Dates: October 1977

The Convention


No formal guest was listed? It is possible that Tony Pearcy was the guest. [This needs checking]


Belmont Leisure Centre.


Chair: Bob Ogden

Secretary : Laurie Z...


Treasurer: Sally Underwood (now Sally Beasley)

Venue Organizer: Laurie Z...

Program Organizer:


The con ran two days.

The genesis of this con was at a monthly WASFA meeting, sometime after the finish of the first con.

The convention included a Star Wars trailer.

Oral History and Reminiscences

This would have been the first convention for Ian Nichols, Dave Luckett, Mark Loney, and Julian Warner.

Tony Pearcy was present, because he (and others) spent some time heckling a friend of Sally's (she never returned to SwanCon) who was on a panel talking about feminism. Dave Luckett objected to this behaviour, and as a result, Dave and Tony nearly came to blows.

Publications and Productions

Swancon 2 progress report



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