Swancon 2002

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Dragons of the World 28 March - 1 April 2002

The Convention


Kate Forsyth, Kim Wilkins, David Zindell, Lee Battersby, John McDouall


Kings Hotel


Sue Ackermann


Mark Sander: This was my first SwanCon. Rob & Leece Master-Smith had badgered me until I agreed to go. It was only going to be $50, because they had a special for first time attendees. And I haven't stopped coming since. 2002 a sponsor donated a pallet of out of code Gingerbread. So there were boxes of it sitting everywhere. As a poor graduate with little money (and there were quite a few this year because of the discounted 'newbies' membership) I ate Gingerbread for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. And then at the end of the con I won the 'newbie' free membership for 2003 competition! And a free t-shirt!

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