Swancon 2008

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Swancon 2008: State of the Art

Swancon 2008 was the 33rd annual West Australian Science Fiction Convention, and the 47th Australian National Science Fiction Convention, held on March 20th-24th 2008.


  • Convenor: Anna Hepworth
  • Treasurer: Elaine Walker
  • Secretary: Linda Deegan
  • Gaming: Calum Watson
  • Programming: David Cake
  • Marketing & Advertising: Grant Watson
  • Website: Michael Deegan
  • Academic stream: Sonia Marcon
  • Committee Members: Art Diggle, Davina Watson, Jenny Kelly, Peter Kelly, Craig Greenbank


  • GoH: Ken MacLeod, Rob Shearman, Glenda Larke
  • Fan GoH: Zara Baxter
  • Academic Keynote Speakers: Mark Bould, Sylvia Kelso, Andrew Milner


The All Seasons Hotel (formerly the Acacia Hotel). The Governor Robinsons hostel next door, and the Hotel Northbridge were designated as overflow accommodation.


Door prices

  • Full: $150
  • Concession: $130
  • Day: Thursday:$25, Friday-Monday:$45
  • Day Concession: Thursday:$20, Friday-Monday:$40
  • Masquerade only: $15


These prices were available up until 17th March, from Tactics, White Dwarf, and Fantastic Planet.

  • Full: $135
  • Concession: $120
  • Supporting: $40

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