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==External Links==
==External Links==
* Australian SF Distributed Archive Project blog [http://history.sf.org.au/?tag=swancon-3 Swancon 3 Posts]
*[http://history.sf.org.au/?tag=swancon-3 Swancon 3 posts on ASFDAP blog]
* Flickr files associated with Swancon 3 [https://www.flickr.com/search/?text=swancon3 All Swancon 3 uploaded files]
*[https://www.flickr.com/search/?text=swancon3 Swancon 3] Flikr images

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Swancon III - Western Australia's third SF convention.

Dates: July 21-23 1978

The Convention


... (May not have been one)


Murdoch University (somewhere ... Ed. )


  • Chair: Roy Ferguson
  • Secretary/Marketing?: Bob Ogden (All the advertising had his contact details)


  • Membership was $7.50 (up to June 30th 1978)
  • Supporting Membership was $5.00



Oral History and Reminiscences

This was the first of the SwanCons to have a dinner out at a restaurant, which was held at the Welcome Stranger Steakhouse. This establishment was owned by parents of fans (Mark and Katrina Hennessy). The were also noteworthy for owning the Barbarella franchise. (Sally Beasley)

There was a Darth Vader sound alike competition, where people were tested on the phrase "Leave that to me". Sally Beasley was either a winner or an honourable mention.

The phrase 'no costume is no costume' was introduced to Perth fandom as a result of the 'Least Dressed Costume' competition. Costumes included a bookmark and a paper bag.

Publications and Productions


External Links