Swancon 32

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Swancon 32: Inconceivable!

Swancon 32 was the 32rd annual West Australian Science Fiction Convention, held on April 5th-9th 2007.


  • Convenor: Michael Dawson
  • Treasurer: April Rutkay, then Stephanie Cooke
  • Secretary: Paul McLaughlan
  • Gaming: Chris Gorham
  • Programming: Tom Eitelhuber
  • Guest Liaison: Dave Thatcher
  • Website: Adam Wright
  • Academic Stream: Erika Pearson
  • Committee Members: Tina Lorenz, Tom Gaunt, Chris Coman


  • GoH: Elizabeth Moon, David Gerrold, Matthew Reilly, Russell B. Farr
  • Fan GoH: Damien Magee
  • Invited Guest: Shane McCarthy


The All Seasons Hotel (formerly the Acacia Hotel).


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