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== WASFF Interest Income ==
== WASFF Interest Income ==
== WASFF Seed & Float Return ==
== WASFF Seed & Float Return ==
== WASFF Seed Return - Odd Yr ==
= Expenses =
= Expenses =

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This details what you need to include and account for under each line item.


SC Seed & Float

  • Seed from WASFF

SC Tickets

Set all your membership fees in your spreadsheet to 97% of you sale price to allow for Grenadine Processing fees.

You should have a breakdown of each membership cost and number to substantiate you Membership fees:

    • Full Launch (Concession)
    • Full (Concession)
    • Days (Concession)
      • Days need not all cost the same
      • The sum of you day costs should be more than your "Full" ticket.
    • Cheap day
    • Special Event (Masquerade)
    • Supporting

SC Fundraising Movies

  • Movie ticket costs

SC Fundraising Quiz

  • Venue Hire
  • Venue Bond
  • Catering
  • Prizes

SC Fundraising Misc

  • Income from Barbeques
  • Chocolates
  • Guest of Honour Dinner
  • Raffles

SC Art Show

  • Income for art show entries

SC Traders

  • Income from trader tickets
    • These will need to be manually adjusted in Xero

SC Services & Facilities

  • Aurealis Reinbursements
  • Ditmar Reimbursements
  • Other "On-sold" activities.

SC Donations

  • Money given to swancon with no expenses associated.

SC Merchandise

  • Product costs
  • Shipping costs

SC Grants & Sponsorship

  • Money given to swancon with expenses associate
    • Lotteries West signage
    • Grant application fee or services expenses

SC Misc

  • Promotional space sales (program book)
  • Other

WASFF Interest Income

WASFF Seed & Float Return



  • Room changes