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Here's some resources related to WASFF/Swancon strategic planning exercises, which will hopefully serve as input to decisions as to what to do, and how to do it.

In 2011 we hired a professional marketer to advise us as to how best to proceed. The results are contained in the 2011 CSC Strategic Plan PDF.

Values and Strategic Plan
Capability Model (Maturity Assessment)

In 2016 we did an exercise from a different perspective, to explore what we thought were the most important things for us to be doing as part of our whole project, and how well we thought we did those things. The output is in Capabilities_versus_Strategic_Result_Areas PDF.

Inputs included vision, purpose and values; and a qualitative Capability Model. Colours in the Capability Model are defined in the Maturity Key -- they represent how well we thought we did each thing. We ranked nothing as the top colour (green, optimised). As you go down the key, more and more areas are assigned to each colour, with red (ad hoc) being the most common value chosen.

The idea is that we should focus on areas of high importance but low capability for improvement. "Manage volunteers", "do succession planning", "retire people", "manage IT", and "institutional knowledge management" were all identified as areas with high importance but low capability.