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This Job is in aid of securing and managing a Swancon Venue.


What is the "reward" for this activity


What should be achieved


What should you expect to be supplied


What resources exist to help with this. Ticketbooth, Dropbox/GoogleDrive, Website, Twitter.


What should you deliver during/after this task

Task List

Tasks that need to be completed (dot point)


Build a list of possible Venues


Hotel Address Price Notes
The Great Southern Hotel (All Seasons,Ibis Styles) 61 Canning Hwy, South Perth WA 6151 Cheap
The Metro 61 Canning Hwy, South Perth WA 6151 Cheap Has had a recent expansion
Mercure Perth 10 Irwin St, Perth WA 6000 Moderate Structure is not ideal
Pan Pacific Hotel 207 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA 6000 Expensive Very good structure, Accommodation expensive

Initial contact

It is usually worth seeing a Venue before start formal contact, it gives you a contact person and allows you to assess the feasibility of the Venue upfront before anyone invests effort in contracts, most places will allow/take you for a walk through of the available space immediately although it may take 30 minutes to organise on access

A suggested template for your initial email/contact.

Hi <Name>

Thank you for seeing me today, as the Venue <Negotiator/Liaison> for Swancon <Year> I would like to request an initial quote for venue space discussed please.
Thank your for staff for seeing me today, they have passed on your contact details after showing me your conference space. I'm the Venue <Negotiator/Liaison> for Swancon <Year> I would like to request an initial quote for venue space discussed please.

I have included some preliminary requirements and preferences below.
  • Swancon is Australia’s longest running Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Speculative Fiction Convention and is the premiere event in Perth for fans of all forms of media.
  • Event details:
    • Start: xx/xx/20xx xPM
    • Finishing: xx/xx/20xx xPM
    • Attendees: ~x00
    • Closed: 11:59PM till 8am
    • We believe we would need x ms venue space including.
    • We are looking to book within x.
    • A floor plan that indicates what partitioning can be added/removed and room sizes etc.
    • A no penalty cancellation clause for up until 11 months before the convention to allow for a change of venue based on previous years numbers, while this doesn't normally happen, its a necessary safeguard.
  • Other Requirements:
    • AV equipment, as we usually supply our own at virtually no cost it would be nice if any existing equipment is included complementary. Our AV technician is happy to set-up and operate the existing equipment for us if this is permissible but we can supply our own if this is not.
    • Due to a significant number of people and any disability scooters please ensure there is clear access to facilitate and rooms.
    • A room night allowance (for our invited guests) based on the number of convention attendee's staying at your hotel we would receive a number of complimentary room nights.
    • As we usually have hotel room booking portal and prices supplied by your venue we would like an assurance that the price offered to our attendees will not be undercut by other promotions or portals (lastminute.com, direct bookings, etc), or that such bookings will be counted towards our complimentary room nights.
  • Optional's, could you please provide pricing (approximate is sufficient) for the following as optional extras.
    • Coffee Station for the duration of the convention
    • Catering for a Masquerade Ball, ~150 people, finger food.
    • Room reconfiguration (do we get any included?)
    • 24 hour access to one/some of the rooms
    • 24 hour access to the last large room on the left for the entire convention
    • If there is a cost with the AV gear could you please quote it here

Conclusion and Notes



Who do you contact for help, list previous Personnel?