Swancon XI

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Titled "SwanCon XI" this was the 11th West Australian Science Fiction Convention.

SwanCon XI was also the 25th Australian NatCon

Dates: Easter 1986 (Mar 28-31)

The Convention


GoH: CJ Cherryh

FGoH: Jack R. Herman


Miss Maud's


Chairman: Erik "The Half" Harding

Secretary: Cindy Evans

Treasurer: Garry Hoff

Programming: Sally Beasley and Dave Luckett

Hotel Liason: Greg Turkich

Publicity: Paul Stevens - 'Antifan'

Awards: Grant Stone

Printing: Mark Bivens

Security: Jay Plester



Publications and Productions




External Links

These are mostly links to transcripts that have been done for the Australian Science Fiction Distributed Archive Project (ASFDAP) on its blog 'This!'