Swancon XI

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Titled "SwanCon XI" this was the 11th West Australian Science Fiction Convention.

SwanCon XI was also the 25th Australian NatCon

Dates: Easter 1986 (Mar 28-31)

The Convention


GoH: CJ Cherryh

FGoH: Jack R. Herman


Miss Maud's


Chairman: Erik "The Half" Harding

Secretary: Cindy Evans

Treasurer: Garry Hoff

Programming: Sally Beasley and Dave Luckett

Hotel Liason: Greg Turkich

Publicity: Paul Stevens - 'Antifan'

Awards: Grant Stone

Printing: Mark Bivens

Security: Jay Plester


WASFF was formed as a result of financial problems resulting from this convention.

CJ Cherryh filked pretty much every night on the landing at Miss Maud's.

One of the university clubs arrived in a big way at Swancon XI.

Publications and Productions




External Links

These are mostly links to transcripts that have been done for the Australian Science Fiction Distributed Archive Project (ASFDAP) on its blog 'This!'