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"[http://freedomfall.com Freedom Fall]" is a video game that was produced in Australia in 2013, the primary creator is [http://risachantag.deviantart.com Lisa Rye] and the publisher/studio was "[http://stirfire.net Stirfire Studios]"
The categories that it seems to be applicable for are:
* "Short Story" due to the game's story being told primarily via 3000 lines of dialogue/wall-writing present throughout the game  - all written by Lisa Rye.
* "Best Artwork" due to the game containing all Lisa's artwork in the form of animation, various images and other sprites used during gameplay and to tell the story.
Best Fan production doesn't seem applicable here as it is most certainly a professional, paid work - Lisa and the Stirfire team have all been in the games industry for between 5 and 10 years.
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