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(updates from 2013-08-11 board meeting)
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Herein is a summary of actions still outstanding from previous WASFF board meetings.  When a task is complete, anyone can mark that task as "done"; once we've had a board meeting and the board is officially told that that task is done, it can be deleted from this list.
== From the 2013-11-03 board meeting ==
''This page no longer in use.''
* Jack to change of name certificate to bank once his legal name change is done. - Jack.
* Doug and Anna are going to go over the Battye collection and the Swancon pile that is at her house. No timeline set. - Doug.
== From the 2013-08-11 board meeting ==
* Cathy to talk to marketing committee to see if they're interested in outreach to new organisations.  If not, we can pursue this on our own. - Cathy.
== From the 2013-06-16 board meeting ==
* Annual financial reports: get back to Wise Click to sort things into correct categories - Jack.
== From the 2013-04-21 board meeting ==
* Jack to ask the book keeper a quote for an audit - done: Wise Click do not do audits.
* Doug and Jack to fill in the form for directors insurance, so we can get a quote of how much the insurance will actually be - long term.
* CSC Review - David Cake (2013-06-16: added Sarah Parker and Cathy Cupitt) - currently establishing terms of reference.
* Need to update the website with the updated constitution. - PRK is waiting on Doug.
== From the 2013-01-19 board meeting ==
* Membership database - long term.  Doug to get info from Sharpie and post to Swancon list asking for volunteer.

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