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Part of the job of WASFF is to support and encourage Science Fiction in Western Australia, and as part of this lofty aim, WASFF supports one convention a year, called by tradition, Swancon.


To earn the right to run a Swancon, you have to present your bid at the business meeting of the convention two years previous to the one you are proposing to run. If your bid is successful, you then have the job in front of you, to do all the work to get a convention together for the rest of us to enjoy.

There's a page] on the main WASFF site with details of what WASFF requires from a bid, including a form to fill out. From that page:

There is one thing that you absolutely need to do to meet the formal requirements of the Constitution - lodge a bid form with the Chair of the WASFF Meeting before the AGM commences. [...] Of course, there is a lot more you may wish to do in order to convince the meeting that your bid is the best of those available, starting with, as a bare minimum, attending the WASFF meeting in order to present your bid and answer questions about it!
The bid form is then presented to the members at the AGM in brief, followed by the answering of any questions (assuming you've followed our advice and turned up to present your bid and take questions!). If there are multiple bids, each is presented, questions taken / answered, and then a vote held to determine the organising committee, if any.

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