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The convention convenor is the volunteer herder. It's their job to:

  • chair committee meetings, including picking a time and place, and announcing time and place to the committee
  • keep all the volunteers pointed in approximately the same direction
  • ensure that committee are working smoothly together, and that any interpersonal conflicts are resolved
  • ensure that everything that needs to be be done is being done by somebody
  • liaise with the CSC
  • (optionally) be the public face of the convention (talk at the opening and closing ceremonies; post on facebook; talk to media, etc.)
  • be a signatory on the bank account, and sign cheques as needed

The CSC and WASFF board are available to help with all these things; in particular, to help with learning how these things have been done in the past, and what traps to avoid.

It's quite common for convenors to have a co-convenor, or a second-in-command, or to at some point during their tenure step back and have someone else wear the convenor hat. You may wish to consider this possibility from the start, and set yourself up with a co-convenor, second-in-command or heir apparent. It may help for co-convenors to have different strengths, so that they can each take on the part of the convenor's task that they're most comfortable with.

As convenor, you should attempt to avoid too many tasks falling upon yourself: the freer you are to work strategically, the better. But you should also be comfortable with the fact that you will fail at delegating all the tasks, and you will inevitably wind up doing odd little jobs here and there.